Mount Nelson Hotel

By Lesley on 7 April 2019

Mount Nelson Hotel

Note the hole underneath the chair

Thanks so much to Kate Crane-Briggs from Culture Connect who organises interesting outings featuring guest speakers full of expertise about their subject. A couple of snippets from the walk through the Mount Nelson Hotel, where PR manager, Gaby Palmer pointed out these simple chairs used in one of the dining rooms. These chairs were used in first class on the Union-Castle shipping line, the whole in the wood underneath the chair allowed them to be locked into position on the deck so that they wouldn't move around while at sea.

Chimney located within the Mount Nelson property

In addition to providing refreshments to the sailors on the passing ships, they were in need of a laundry service and this area was known for washing all the clothes and linen. The chimney is no longer in use and sealed up

It is always amazing what we are walking passed each day without realising.

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