Historical Waterfront

Historical Waterfront: The Development of our Port

Around 2 hours

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a success story and inclusive to everyone. On the surface you see a vast array of shops, restaurants, boat trips, hotels along with, entertainment for all ages.

This historical walking tour takes you on a journey that scratches below the surface and describes how the port evolved in stages according to the requirements of the time. Stories include the convict labour used to build the breakwater, the development of the fishing industry and the people and events that have impacted the Waterfront area over the last two centuries including the discovery of diamonds and gold, the opening of the Suez Canal, and the Union-Castle Shipping line.

Points of Interest:
  • Treadmill at the Breakwater Prison
  • Time Ball
  • The site where Prince Alfred tipped the foundation stones for the breakwater in 1860
  • Jetty One Museum
  • Robinson Dry Dock
  • The Clock Tower
  • The Silo Precinct
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Tour Highlights

  • Victoria-&-Alfred-Waterfront

    Victoria & Alfred Waterfront


    Time Ball

  • Industrial-Breakwater-Prison

    Industrial Breakwater Prison



  • Former-office-for-the-Harbour-Master

    Former office for the Harbour Master


    Fishing Industry

  • Clock-Tower

    Clock Tower

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