Art: thought provoking art which we walk passed everyday

By Lesley on 1 April 2019

Art: thought provoking art which we walk passed everyday

Art in the city centre

I have walked passed this art work often, and only on a recent tour by Culture Connect did I learn about the true significance of this special space. From a distance, we see the image of a child's face, and only on closer inspection, multiple newspaper ads are revealed.

Multiple newspaper advertisements describing children

Our history reveals that between the years 1841 and 1921, 7000 "destitute children"were advertised in the Cape Government Gazette, and if they were not claimed by someone who was able to support them, they were indentured as labourers and distributed to a variety of farms.

Public art is often meant to used by the public

Advertisement of an orphan

I selected at random, one advert describing a boy of ten years old whose parents had died and if no relatives claimed responsibility for him, he would be apprenticed.

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